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Tired of spending countless hours and hundreds of gallons of water to clean your pool filters? By using FilterClean, you won't have to anymore. Bring your pool filter cartridges directly to us and in about 45 minutes we will clean them for you! We will also replace any broken bands, which will help extend the life of your filter for no additional fee. Best of all our entire service is a fraction of the cost of a new filter, plus it saves you tons of water and your precious time. You can even drop off your filters and pick them up later to save you even more time. We are centrally located in Tempe for your convenience.
Filter Cleaning
Filter Cleaning
Conveniently located in Tempe- Simply bring in your pool filter cartridges and we will have them cleaned and rebanded in 45 minutes or less using our Unique Deep-Cleaning System.
Filter Rebanding
Filter Rebanding
We extend the life of your filter cartridges by replacing broken bands at no extra charge.
New Filter Sales
Pool Filter Sales
Compare our low prices when your filter cartridges need replacing.