Filter Rebanding

FilterAfter completing the filter cleaning process, each filter is inspected for cleanliness and for broken bands or bands needing replacement.  Any and all bands are replaced, as needed, at no extra charge.  Once the bands are replaced, they should not be placed back in service in your pool filter for a minimum of three hours.  This will allow the adhesive time to dry.

Rebanding extends the life of your filter by reducing the fluttering of the pleats in your filter.  Fluttering pleats will cause undue wear of the pleats, much the same as folding and unfolding paper will weaken the paper and eventually cause it to tear.

Rebanding also helps in keeping the spacing between the pleats of the filter more even.  This keeps the exposed area of the filter at its optimum allowing the water and dirt to filter through the maximum square feet of filter.

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