Filter Cleaning

FilterClean’s one-of-a-kind, unique, computer controlled filter cleaning system was three years in developmentFilterClean uses no chemicals, other than water balancing chemicals (the same chemicals you use to keep your pool water sparkling clean and free of algae), to clean your filters. FilterClean recycles all of the water used in the process.    

All you need to do is remove your pool filter cartridges from your filter housing according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Place the filter cartridges in plastic bags to keep them from leaking water all over your vehicle.  Bring the filter cartridges to FilterClean and we will do the rest in as little as 1 hour. 

If you are a first time customer, it is important that you call FilterClean first, to confirm that we do clean your particular filter cartridges.

Each filter cartridge will be inspected and if it still has a useful life, we will proceed to clean it and reband it when necessary.

FilterClean charges 17 cents per square foot of filter cartridge*.  Many cartridges have the square footage stamped on top of the cartridges.  Your pool filter manual will also give you the type, size, filter number and square foot of the filter cartridge.  The average pool filter has about 100 square feet, so it costs about $17 per cartridge.  Most filters contain 4 cartridges so the total cost averages about $68.

We have special pricing for professional pool tenders.

*All Sta-Rite System 3 Filters (filter in a filter) are a fixed price of $110 per set. Sta-Rite System 2 Filters (hourglass shaped interior, round exterior) are a fixed price of $55 each.

**Minimum Filter Cleaning Charge of $12

If you need new filters just click on Pool Filter Sales to view our completitive pricing.